Hi there, Im TailsBogard118, I have my own youtube so in later images you may be able to see videos of this game and/or website.

Here is the STF2 Page
This is where you can find the latest information about the upcoming fan made game Sonic The Fighters II (STF2)
We hope you are as excited as the I am, There will be pictures, videos, news, addons and soon the download for the actual game or demo.

The New Site

Hi, As you are aware this page was not made very long ago,
Infact it was made on 08/12/2010 at 19:37 Yes I kept track of time!
This website does infact have copyright, so If you copy anything off the website and claim it as your own or dont give credit you may get your site taken down or even sued (not likely) if it is posted on a social website such as ROBLOX, Club Penguin, HABBO, IMVU, Facebook, Myspace, Beebo, All AQW games, WoW or anything of the sort
Your Account may be reported, banned or cancelled.
Happy Thoughts people! :D

(COPYWRIGHT CLAIMS SKD)  Any Objects Or Videos are Copywright From TailsBogard118 (Sean)